A – The first letter of the alphabet. It is the beginning of everything we can express in words, an impulse to action and creation. It is the sunrise and the beginning of a new day, new hope. A day when everything that we can imagine can happen.
Open your mind and create!

Word “puch” – in Polish langue means down. Perfect material, miracle of the nature, warm and light, a motherhood gift. A part of bird’s freedom – a gift for YOU!

„LOGO” – symbolizes the butterfly effect – a delicate movement of butterfly wings which can change the course of history...

Bee on the grass

Bee on the Grass ™

You are a part of the Universe, a part of a beauty you create here, on Earth.
You are responsible for your family and friends. You are consistent, hardworking and you still strive for destination – exactly like BEE.

Fly away!

The big green meadow is waiting for you behind the mountain. You will find rest and get stronger here!


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e-mail: office@apuch.com

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